Ebook Gratis Tambah Kreatif dengan CS4

Ada ebook baru ne, iseng iseng jalan sore di kaskus, ketemu Ebook tuturial Photoshop CS4, Isinya bahasa inggris, banyak metode baru disini, apa lagi yang khusus nanganin soal desain, Silahkan download langsung di sini.


Download Ebook tutorial Adobe Photoshop Cs4 terbaru dengan bahasa inggris. Di kutip langsung dari Kaskus :

How to Do Everything Adobe Photoshop CS4 – Tutorial eBook

With this full-color guide, you will discover how to bring your creative concepts to completion using the latest version of the number-one graphic design software. You will learn how to use brushes, shapes, and special effects; master layers and filters; color-correct images; manage workflow; and much more. Written by an Adobe Certified Expert and Adobe Certified Instructor, this hands-on tutorial features real-world examples that reveal how cutting-edge design techniques are created. The book also introduces the Extended version for 3D and video users.

Chad Perkins is an award-winning software trainer, an Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, After Effects, Encore, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat, and is CompTIA CTT+ certified. Chad has authored multiple books on Photoshop and After Effects. He has trained or created art for such companies as Warner Brothers, Paramount, Nike, Sony, Lockheed Martin, Disney, and the United Way.

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